Sunday, July 19, 2009

Microsoft NE R&D Center 6 Aug: Practical Roadmap to a Great Scrum

I'll give a presentation on "Practical Roadmap to a Great Scrum" for New England Agile Bazaar in August at the new Microsoft site in Cambridge.

Date: Thursday, August 6th
Time: 6 - 9pm
Where: Microsoft New England R&D Center, 1 memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA
RSVP: Register at
Cost: Free!  Food will be provided thanks to our sponsors

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Version One

Practical Roadmap to a Great Scrum

Purpose: sharing the experience and practical steps from projects that Systematic Software Engineering has used to ensure high performance scrum teams. Systematic is a CMMI Level 5 company in Denmark that has "systematically" institutionalized Scrum.

Focus: Provide specific tips and tricks to other agile projects on best practices and pitfalls, as Systematic has uncovered them.
Perspective: Jeff Sutherland will - based on his extensive experience and insight - put the above experiences into the perspective of what best practices constitutes a “mature Scrum”.

The overall theme will be presentation of specific experiences from Systematic and suggestions on best practices based upon them.

Initially a scrum adoption model will be presented to provide an overview of where the experiences and related practices belong. Selected scenarios or experiences will be presented for short discussion and then we will present the specific experience from Systematic and put them into perspective to other scrums in the world as seen by Jeff to summarize recommendations or suggested best practices.

Learning outcomes

* You will learn the specific practices to bring a ScrumBut into a Great Scrum, what the typical pitfalls are, and what others have done to address them.
*The focus will be on practices for higher performing scrum and less on typical initial problems of adopting Scrum.
*You will also learn which Scrum practices are valued by investors.


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C. Jakobsen and J. Sutherland, "Scrum and CMMI – Going from Good to Great: are you ready-ready to be done-done?," in Agile 2009, Chicago, 2009.


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