Using the Bio-Photon Integrator to Frontend the FSCAN

BioPhoton Integrator

The BioPhoton Integrator is a device that scans an input well, determines the "intrinsic data field" (IDE) of the substance in the input well, and transmits the IDE to the output well or to a target. A unique feature of this device is that it is totally automatic and able to transmit to a "target" with an effect that is relatively independent of distance. The "target" may be represented by a physical tissue sample or a Polaroid photo. The principles of operation of this device are akin to SE-5 operating principles, and were allegedly discovered in government secret projects. While not explainable by conventional physics, anyone who experiments with this device will discover it works quite well.


The FSCAN is a unique frequency generating device that (1) is able to scan for resonant frequencies of microorganisms in vivo, and (2) can trasmit the resonant frequencies of detected microorganisms to render them inoperable. See comments on the royalrife site.


The BioPhoton Integrator can be used as a front-end transmitter of frequencies generated by the FSCAN or any Rife device, like the EM6+. After much experimentation, it appears that the optimal effect is achieved by putting the electrode wires underneath the input well of the BioPhoton Integrator. The electromagnetic field generated by the FSCAN leads extends into the input well, even with the leads outside the device.

The following graph shows three scans in the frequency range of 6000-7000HZ. The first scan (RED) was used to detect the resonant frequency of an adult pork tape worm in a human volunteer. The peak frequencies were in the 6700-6900HZ range were treated for 10 minutes each while the volunteer moved around his home doing normal work. The second scan (GREEN) was after treatment with the BioPhoton Integrator containing a Polaroid picture of the volunteer. The third scan (BLUE) was taken after a second treatment at the same frequencies.

This graph demonstrates that treating at a distance with a BioPhoton Integrator has the same effect as holding the electrodes of the FSCAN. Two minutes holding the electrodes of the FSCAN appears to be the equivalent of ten minutes of treatment using the BioPhoton Integrator as a frontend. The activity of the tape worm was radically reduced with this short treatment. It took several days of repeated treatment to kill a large adult tapeworm in the body.