OOPSLA'96Business Object Workshop II

An Object Model for Business Applications

Fred A. Cummins
Electronic Data Systems
Troy, Michigan



This presentation will focus on defining a model for objects--ageneralized representation to be used in the development of businessapplications. In "business application" I am including any applicationused in the operation of an enterprise. The enterprise might becommercial business or it might be a government agency or anacademic institution. My purpose is to define a level of abstraction tobe supported by the Business Object Facility (BOF) that is the subject of the RFP issued by the OMG Business Objects Domain Task Force. My concern is that the BOF should greatly simplify the effort required byapplication developers to develop solutions to business problems. I amhopeful that this presentation will help potential submitters understandthe requirements I see for the BOF from an application developer'sperspective, so they can respond accordingly to the RFP.

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OOPSLA'96Business Object Workshop II