Mother of the Buddhas


"The meditational deity--yidam in Tibetan--is an aspect of Buddha possessing the three bodies of the Buddha and the five primordial wisdoms. Out of compassion, Buddha manifests as different aspects or yidams, each of which literally is, according to the meaning of that term, 'the divinity or deity to which we devote ourselves.' It is so called because the practitioner has one as her/his personal, chosen deity and devotes him/herself to that deity's practice, which consists of the two meditation stages called the Generation Stage and the Completion Stage...

"At the beginning, when you meditate on the Three Roots in general, or on your yidam in particular, you can perceive them as outer. In this way, the obscurations will begin to disappear. Holes in the screen of these obscurations will allow some light to filter through; the blessing of the yidam will bring even more clarity, and you will eventually realize that the yidam and your mind are not different. You will thereby attain the three bodies of the buddha mind which are the absolute refuge." Kalu Rinpoche