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OOPSLA'97 Business Object Workshop

Business Object Design and Implementation III: Patterns, Workflow, Components, and the Web

Workshop Agenda, 6 October 1997 @ Cobb Galleria Centre, Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 20 October 1998

Chris Marshall's excellent slide presentation on implementing a Java Business Object Management Architecture (BOMA)

Final Report of 1997 Workshop

Spottiswoode Reflects on the 1997 Business Object Workshop

Proceedure for getting your paper into publication of OOPSLA'96 and OOPSLA'97 Business Object Workshop Proceedings by Springer-Verlag:

Sutherland J., D. Patel, C. Casanave, G. Hollowell and J. Miller (Eds). Business Object Design and Implementation: OOPSLA'95 Workshop Proceedings. Springer, 1997.

Position Papers

Session 1 - Domain Modeling

Session 2 - Workflow Issues

Session 3 - Enterprise  Architectures

Session 4 - Business Objects

Papers not presented

Spottiswoode's Critique of OMG's OMA, BOF Submissions

The implacable Spottiswoode provides a sumptuous "roast" of the OMG Object Management Architecture and recent Business Object Facility RFP submissions and  some choice "tidbits" as an "appetizer" for his mysterious, shamelessly promoted MACK implementation, not to mention some penetrating dinner conversation about the esoterics of typing, inheritance, workflow, and the always prime suspect - the classical object model.

The critique is set in allegorical style at a "Grand BOF Banquet" with the following illustrious cast of characters:
          Archiboard - our host, the OMG Architecture Board
          Sons of the Archbishop Informatico-Technologus - various standards bodies
          The Quick-Fingered Sorcerer of Redmond - Bill Gates
          Maestro Rational - creators of UML
          Grady Booch - as himself


Call for Participation - due date 15 August 1997

The NCITS X3H7 Object Information Management Committee and the Object Management Group Business Object Domain Task Force (BODTF) will jointly sponsor the Third Annual Workshop on Business Object Design and Implementation. This year's workshop will focus on patterns and workflow, areas of high interest in 1996, as well as component design for Web-based applications, an increasingly important focus in 1997.

Goals of Business Object Workshop III

Results from 1995 Business Object Workshop I

The 1995 workshop led to a consensus on several important issues:

Results from 1996 Business Object Workshop II

Building on the experience of the 1995 Business Object Workshop, consensus was extended in the following areas:

Focus of This Year's Workshop

The OMG Business Object Domain Task Force has issued an RFP on Common Business Objects and Business Object Facility. The Business Object Facility is to provide a component based substructure that allows Business Objects to be implemented as interoperable plug and play components. Common Business Objects are plug and play components that are used to support domain specific application frameworks. Responses to the RFP can be more effectively evaluated if technical papers are available that provide in-depth analysis of the following issues.

Publication of Workshop Proceedings

The 1996-97 Business Object Workshop papers will be published as a book by Springer Verlag through a review and revision process during and after the Workshop.




The OOPSLA Workshop on Business Object Design and Implementation is jointly sponsored by the Accredited Standards Committee X3H7 Object Information Management Technical Committee and the Object Management Group (OMG) Business Object Domain Task Force for the purpose of soliciting technical position papers relevant to the design and implementation of Business Object systems.

X3H7 Object Information Management

The International Standards Organization (ISO) has approved a new work item to refine and extend the current international standard Reference Model for Open Distributed Processing (RM-ODP). X3H7, the U.S. technical committee for this new international work item, is tasked with the following:

OMG Business Object Domain Task Force (BODTF)

The Object Management Group has chartered the BODTF to facilitate and promote: And to issue requests, evaluate responses and propose for adoption by the OMG specifications for objects, frameworks, services and architectures applicable to a wide range of businesses.


Jeff Sutherland, Chair -

Secretary X3H7 Object Information Management, liaison to X3H2 SQL Database
IDX Systems Corporation
116 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02116
Phone: +1 (617) 266-0001 x2920| Fax: +1 (617) 721 1226

Cory Casanave -

Chair, OMG Business Object Domain Task Force
Cory Casanave
Data Access Corporation
14000 SW 119 Ave
Miami, FL 33186-6017, USA
Phone: +1 (305) 238 0012 | Fax: +1 (305) 238 0017

Haim Kilov -

Merrill Lynch Technology Strategy and Planning
World Financial Center South Tower
New York, NY 10080-6105

Joaquin Miller -

Chair, X3H7 Object Information Management Rapporteur and Project Editor, ISO ODP Enterprise Viewpoint
Chief Scientist-Objects & Models
SHL Systemhouse
12750 Center Court Drive, Suite 700
Cerritos, CA 90703-8583, USA
Phone: +1 (713) 222-2345 | Fax: +1 (562) 860-9668

Dilip Patel -

Chair, Centre for Information and Office Systems
South Bank University
School of Computing, Information Systems & Mathematics
103 Borough Road
London, SE1 0AA, UK
Phone: +44 0171 815 7429

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